Starting with Gratitude

I begin my very first blog with a full and happy heart. I have the supreme privilege of living on the beautiful, magical island of Maui, where I get to swim in the birth waters of some of the newest lands on the planet. I live with my Beloved, who waltzed into my life just a few years ago and recognized me as I recognized him. I am healthy in every way possible. I have access to fresh, organic food and clean drinking water. I love my work and know my calling, and am living my soul’s purpose with great intention.

I have written and published a book that is helping people recover from sexual abuse, as I have done with so much success. I continue to create, and to evolve ways to be in service to the Divine and the healing of the planet. I am alive during the turning of the ages, the most powerful time of change in the known history of Earth. I am surrounded by overflowing abundance and succulent beauty. I am truly blessed!

There’s more. Oh, so much more. But I’ll leave it at that for now. Thanks for tuning in, and may your heart be at least as full as mine.


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One Response to Starting with Gratitude

  1. Julie Mandarino says:

    congratulations on your blog, Amrita. Well done! And even more congratulations on your life itself. Very, very well done!

    looking forward to seeing you in Boulder in September.

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