Reclaiming Aphrodite-What does it mean?

Reclaiming Aphrodite, first and foremost, is the title of my book, or part of it anyway. The rest is The Journey to Sexual Wholeness. What I am realizing is that it is much, much bigger than that. As I sift through possibilities for a name, a brand, for the body of work I am bringing forth, my research led me to good ol’ Google. I was considering “Aphrodite Awakenings”, which has such a nice ring to it; but when I Google searched on that, I found many uses of this name already in place. So, I thought, might as well do a search on “Reclaiming Aphrodite”. What I found was really cool.

My name, my book, my blog, and my website rule the first 3 pages of the Google search, and they continue to weave through page 9. Page NINE! I found my little self published, home grown tome for sale in India and New Zealand as well as at several online bookstores beyond the ones I was aware of. I was blown away with delight and gratitude.

The book is only a starting place. It’s about my personal and highly successful  journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual addiction. It is written as a journey through the chakra system as a path to healing, from the base chakra to the crown. It contains personal stories from my life that are full of magic and intensity, as well as healing exercises to help people reclaim their wholeness no matter how they might have been wounded. As one review states, “Every reader will gain something from this book.”

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. As a wounded child, I felt like the ugliest duckling in the pond. The road to self esteem and self love was long and winding, and the journey was arduous, but the gains were boundless. One of the milestones along the way was seeing a glimpse of myself in the mirror and catching my breath at the beauty I saw in my own eyes. Aphrodite reclaimed!

The first steps of my healing journey led me to a circle of women, an initiation of priestesses. We connected with the Goddess energies in ceremony, and these archetypal energies, along with the other women, were my first support system on the road to recovery. Eventually I was ordained as a High Priestess, carrying forward a lineage of the Goddess and the Sacred Feminine.

Sensuality and sexuality are also part of Aphrodite’s heritage, and there is much more to reveal about that aspect of my healing journey… but that is yet to come. This blog is dedicated to exploring all the richness that is entwined in the idea of Reclaiming Aphrodite, and I’ll be diving in at least weekly to weave the tapestry with you. Thank you for the gift of receiving my words.


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2 Responses to Reclaiming Aphrodite-What does it mean?

  1. Joan Heartfield says:

    Beautiful post–so happy you are taking the time to share YOU with us! Much Love and Overflowing Blessings pour over you and forth from you–now and forevermore!

  2. Amrita Grace says:

    Thank you, Joan. And So It Is!

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