The Abundance of Unconditional Giving

A couple of nights ago, I was listening to Arjuna Ardagh interview guests on his Thrive in the New Economy conference call about the gifting economy. I felt deeply touched by the couple who is teaching free workshops and inviting people to donate if they get value. I woke up the next morning with tremendous inspiration. I have a gift to give, and I’m going to give it away for free!

This is a whole new attitude for me, and I feel that I have somehow made a leap into a new personal paradigm that engenders total trust that I will be supported economically. I have always held a standard of “exchange of value”, knowing my own value and charging for it accordingly, as well as feeling the pressure to make a living. What I now understand is that the exchange does not have to be a direct one-on-one exchange; I can give away as I feel inspired and receive from the abundant universe!

As I embrace this concept of showing up in my livelihood with what I have to offer others, I notice how different it feels from showing up with what do I need to pay the bills and feel secure; I feel free, unencumbered, light, happy, excited, and open.

From this place, I have decided to give away my book, Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness. (Update: I gave away over 1000 copies). You can find it for sale in print and kindle at Amazon.

I want to donate copies to shelters, recovery programs, and libraries. I am open to suggestions about places that might welcome the book. If you have any ideas, please email me.

I know the way I feel now is the way I want to feel about economics as we warp-speed into the coming months. I keep getting pieces here and there that this is what our future is about: abundance rather than lack; openness rather than fear; service instead of entitlement…
…and that starts right here with me.
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