Sexual Healing Begins with Accessing Emotions

I have been through my own arduous journey of sexual healing, and now my passion is to assist you on yours. Having made a full recovery from childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual addiction, my life’s work is now helping others free themselves from sexual wounding. While I acknowledge that the journey is never really over, I know that I have fully reclaimed my self esteem and have a beautiful, joyful life full of love. I want that for you, too.

Sexual healing begins with accessing and releasing the emotions stored in the body. As you allow the layers to emerge, information and guidance will be revealed to you that will show you your own personal path to full recovery. Next time you feel a strong emotion emerging, follow this formula to accelerate your process:

The Three Key Ingredients in Accessing Emotions

1. Breath – breathing deeply, especially when you feel difficult emotions, helps allow those emotions to surface, be felt, and then be released. The natural reaction to difficult emotions is to contract, which has the effect of making the breath shallow, effectively keeping the emotion buried. Expanding into the emotion will at first seem counter-intuitive… but what you may notice is that the emotion washes over you like a wave, peaking, crashing, and receding. That layer is actually leaving your body, never to return.

2. Sound – this one may be quite challenging at first, especially if you used your invisibility superpower as a child in order to survive. Making sounds bypasses the mind and allows you access to a more primal aspect of your being. If you can give a sound to an emotion as you feel it, you can speed up and supercharge the release. Start with humming and build from there, or just open your mouth and see what comes out. Take the intensity and volume up as much as you can. Make sure you have a safe space for making sounds first.

3. Movement – were you ever allowed to have a tantrum as a child? Kids know how to move energy fast, and once they do, they are done! Dance your joy, stomp your feet with frustration,  shadow box your anger, wail and rock your head with sadness. Be safe, make sure you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else, and don’t forget to breathe.

Now, the secret to success is to combine all three. Breathe, feel, make sounds, feel, move, breathe, and feel some more. Allow it all to wind down in its own time, and then just notice how you feel in your body, in your mind, in your emotions.

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One Response to Sexual Healing Begins with Accessing Emotions

  1. lynhicks says:

    Thank you for this post! I wanted to add that dancing is a perfect way to move through emotions, breath deeply and clear some of the pain within us. It is graceful movement that our body was made to do and so enjoys! Easiest way to shift and clear for woman! Healthful, grounds you into your body something woman are very disconnected from. To awaken your feminine essence, access your Shakti energy, you must be in your beautiful body! Dancing allows woman to experience what this feels like and raises your vibe to joy! Sexual energy is our power so anyway we can discuss, learn, understand and bring forward the right experience with this creative energy, the more healed and whole we become! Sacred Femininity

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