What is Sexual Wholeness?

Sexual wholeness is much more than a concept for me. Having taken an arduous journey from sexually damaged to sexually whole, it’s become my reality, my passion, my wisdom, and my teaching. I’m so grateful to embody this state of wholeness, so that I may be an example of what is possible.

Wholeness is defined as an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting. Because our sexual energy is the life force that creates us and animates us in our bodies, I believe sexual wholeness encompasses all of who we are. When we free our sexual energy and use it to feed all aspects of our lives, we gain full access to our aliveness, our passion, our joy, and an endless stream of creative energy.

I’ll be exploring these five keys in greater depth in my FREE teleseminar The 5 Keys to Sexual Wholeness as well as my upcoming Reclaiming Aphrodite® workshops in Boulder and Maui.

 The 5 Keys to Sexual Wholeness

 1. Access and clear sexual wounding and shame

First, you must clear out what no longer serves you. Old patterns, stuck emotions, and past wounding stay lodged in your body until you find ways to consciously access and move them out. As you clear out the backlog, you create an internal spaciousness that is fertile ground for new creation.

2. Become aware of your energy body
Tuning in to the more subtle aspects of your existence will open up a whole new realm of sensation and sensitivity to your internal reality. As you become aware of your energy, you create the opportunity to address and clear patterns, emotions, and stuck energy as they arise rather than unconsciously storing them.

3. Engage consciously with your energy

Learning to manage the energy you are becoming attuned to is important, so that you can keep it flowing and moving inside you. Practices like “grounding” and “circulating” will upgrade your energy system, enabling you to generate more more physical and mental energy.

4. Express yourself with integrity 

As you gain mastery with your internal practices, external expression will naturally follow. The unconstrained expression of sexual life force energy can be overwhelming and even damaging to others, and it’s imperative to bring integrity and consciousness to it.

5. Practice, practice, practice

Sexual wholeness is an ongoing practice rather than a static achievement. Gaining and using practices over a lifetime will ensure an ongoing refinement of your natural state of harmony and balance.

This is my first introduction of this material. As I continue to bring these simple but profound teachings into their full existence, they will be refined and expanded upon over time.

I value your comments and input  below if you care to share!

With gratitude, love, & blessings, Amrita

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