The Emerging Aphrodite

I’m on the verge of culminating the work of a lifetime as I prepare to debut Reclaiming Aphrodite in Boulder in a week’s time. The journey to here has been amazing, and I’m so grateful for the gifts I have received along the way as I prepare to give my own in full measure. There’s so much I have integrated, especially this past few months, to prepare me for this next level of service. Today’s inner journey was no exception.

Again, my friend Lisa held the space on the phone as I stated my intention to journey inside and receive any information or guidance about going forward with Reclaiming Aphrodite. I thought I would revisit the place from the last journey where I received an invitation into a portal into the lower world. I went there, but was instead take up to the upper world… and once again, the rich imagery unfolded. There in the upper world, I met a crone on a throne, who went straight to my heart and had me lie down and began to do energy work with me.

The crone continued to work with me, and I notice a figure bringing hand to my lower chakras. Before I could tell who it was, I felt hands blessings my yoni, inside and out. It was Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene, who were one and the same. Jesus also was present, and I was shown that he is part of me, the part that lives calmly from love and compassion. Snake also appeared, and showed me how to move my energy up from my lower chakras to my throat, and eventually up to my crown. I was told that all the work is done, that’s it’s safe to live from my heart, and I can simply speak now and trust that the words will come.

I know that my next big breakthrough is trusting that I can speak without a script or outline, that I will say all that needs to be said, and that the energetic transmission will fill out the information. When I speak from my heart, I will communicate everything perfectly.

When I opened my eyes, the colors around me were so bright! I was in a very altered state, fully immersed in the present moment. I felt deeply calm and yet lusciously alive. Tears poured down my face as I realized the incredible power and magnitude of what had just transpired.

What I realize is that Aphrodite is much more than the Goddess of Love. She is All Women. She is Mother, Sister, Lover, Daughter, Crone, Queen. She is wholeness. It is this emerging Aphrodite that I bring forth in my life’s work. May She bless the world through me, and with me.

Reclaiming Aphrodite will debut in Boulder October 18-21. The next workshop will be in Maui March 1-3. I expect that 2013 will be a magical year as I continue to find impeccable alignment with my soul’s purpose.

Blessed be, Amrita

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