The Emergence of the Solar Feminine

Creative. Passionate. Receptive. Focused. Pulsating with power.
Glowing with good health. Radiant with self-confidence.

Venus-and-SunVenus transited the Sun early in June 2012, signifying the rise of a new feminine archetype: the Solar Feminine.

In recent history, the feminine has been associated with the moon, that heavenly body which does not shine its own light, but reflects the light of the sun (associated with the masculine). This is an interesting analogy of the role that women have played for the past couple thousand years… that of being the reflectors of the shining solar masculine; sometimes in their shadow, but not emitting their own light. I’m not playing the feminist card here or making judgments. I’m simply calling what I’m seeing and feeling. This does not feel to me like the feminine coming into unbalanced power-over. It feels like the masculine and feminine coming into a time of harmony and balance. Equality isn’t even really the right concept, because there are different but complementary gifts that each bring to the mix.

Orange roseThe lovely paradox here (and I love paradoxes), is that as women step into empowerment, we must learn to embody the power of our YIN: the ability to receive; to ask for what we want; to understand our innate power to magnetize all that we desire without needing to chase, quest, and conquer. We get to learn how to recline on the velvet chaise to balance out those power meetings with our teams and hours of intense output. It doesn’t matter if it’s taking care of the house and kids, hours on the phone with clients, planted at the computer desk, or bending over a massage table. Whatever form the giving of our gifts to the world takes must be offset with rest, recreation, fun, and play.

Amrita GraceI’ve been on a parallel path with the emergence of the Solar Feminine. Her life story and mine are intertwined. What it has taken for me to learn how to recline on the velvet chaise has been no small feat… and I’m still learning. For me, and in the feminine collective, it’s been a journey of intense internal shadow excavation, leaving behind the old programs of care-taking, control-freaking, shutting up, and all manner of unhealed, compounded wounding we’ve carried through untold generations. I often feel my ancestresses cheering from beyond the veil as I ride the leading edge on the back of a tiger, slashing with my sword through old paradigms of feminine victim-hood, martyrdom, and sexual abuse and repression.

Amrita & Apollo GraceYes, indeed. I GET to be a change agent, a catalyst, a cauldron stirrer, a crucible. And I get to be all of that from a soft, feminine place, living in harmony with the masculine. I get to embody wholeness and be a living example of what’s possible when a woman is willing to face her demons and then hug them and welcome them home. And as of this brand new year of 2013, I DECLARE that I get to weave my life and work and play and marriage together into a rich, gorgeous, colorful, beautiful tapestry that depicts harmonious scenes of a well-lived life. And, as a beautiful bonus, I have the incredible privilege of being able to share this path to wholeness with those who are seeing me and saying, “I’ll have what she’s having!”

The Solar Feminine is rising in the East, the direction of new beginnings, of sunrise, of Spring, of youth, of playfulness, and the color of orange. She is ready to meet the shining masculine in all his powerful glory, bringing a spirit of collaboration, compassion, and creativity. Can I hear a hallelujah?

Blessed be, Amrita  

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4 Responses to The Emergence of the Solar Feminine

  1. YES Amrita, I am on board with the rising of the Solar Feminine. Thank you for writing about this so eloquently. Big love to you, Sarah

    • Amrita Grace says:

      Dearest Sarah;

      How lovely to hear from you and know that you resonate with this information. I feel very inspired by this rising energy and will certainly continue to address it. Blessings and love to you, Amrita

  2. Loli says:

    That’s such a great article. Enjoyed reading it very much!

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