#6 What Angelina Jolie Didn’t Say: Complementary Cancer Care

Amrita Grace gives an overview of her ten categories of complementary cancer care for wholeness.

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4 Responses to #6 What Angelina Jolie Didn’t Say: Complementary Cancer Care

  1. Having grown up in Hollywood after age 11, and having been privy to much that is rumoured to be true, I am clear. Angelina may very well be true to her words, and the sad truth is there is so much profit that comes from her taking this stand that makes her body an example and a potentially fear-fuelling role model for women who trust her.

    Natural News spells out the back story on what may be all about profits & Angelina may have taken on a role that is truly sickening to imagine; using her body as a marketing tool for the gene-test corporation, so they get $3,000. to $4,000. per test for every woman who is scared into worrying and “acting on her best behalf,” seeing herself as an empowered woman following Angelina’s example.

    Unreal how twisted things can get, and I do not know for sure what is true, but I wish only for Love to prevail for us all and unwind all this that confuses the issue of life’s bounty, purpose and true sanctity. I will pray for love to remove and replace all that fear in me and anyone else who may be experiencing this. I love you, Amrita, and will include you in our powerful prayer circle tonight.

    Your blog and videos are a gift to those who are searching.

    Brilliant! Well done, your sharing has always been and continues to be stellar beauty in words that soothe.
    Blessings, Claire

  2. Thanks, Amrita for saying what needed to be said. Cancer is a whole-being process and, as you so aptly pointed out, there’s a lot more to dealing with it than surgery. I believe that AJ is doing a tremendous disservice to women who look up to her by failing to address nutrition and lifestyle. May fear be transformed into love and only Truth prevail. Blessings to you my friend, Madeline

    • Amrita Grace says:


      I am grateful that the conversation has been opened at such a deep level, so that other truths may emerge. Thank you for weighing in, and for your recommendation on the doTerra products. Blessings to you too.

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