# 7 The Day Before Surgery

Amrita declares her intentions about the outcomes of her surgery. She’s going in tomorrow for a double mastectomy and immediate DIEP Flap reconstruction. She also announces her new Facebook page: The Breast Cancer Mystery School.

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  1. KristenRose says:

    Hey there! I don’t have time to watch the video right now, but just a quick note to wish you all the best, and a speedy comfortable recovery. xo!

  2. hauquier marleentje says:

    sending you love and light Amrita in your healing process, you’re in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers. It is a courageous decision and I admire your trust and capability to surrender.
    Sweet hugs

  3. gerda olgers says:

    I wish you everything you need……………good luck and a big hug ! Gerda

  4. Edith says:

    Hi there Amrita;

    I started writing this before hearing your section on allowing yourself to be cared for. I wanted to say that this is all about surrendering to the loving hearts and arms all around you. The paradoxical idea that you are directing your journey by not directing your journey. Falling into the arms of those who love you takes a strength of grace…especially for a woman who is so self contained and capable, something I admire in you.

    One thing for me, I remember coming to an awareness that though I was doing the right thing, I knew I was doing the right thing, felt at peace with my decisions, my body had to deal with the reality of surgery. I could not charge on through, ever enthusiastic in my head, as if I could will instant healing, just because I wanted it. I had to make friends with my limitations. Looking back, there were so many gifts that came from the power of my surrender to my body’s journey…all connected to my head as it is.

    I send you and your family so much love. I send you strength as you face this all, strength as you surrender to it all, peace on the journey.

    I made myself a dressing gown with many colours, all in Asian motifs and hung it up on a coat hanger in my room where I could see it. My goal? After surgery, I would wear it for the first time to go walking up and down the hallways. It was my focus post surgery. Indeed, I did wear it, wandering up and down the hallways, me and my IV. It gave me strength. One woman, who was having difficulties post surgery commented on my very colorful gown. I told her the story of it. She was stuck in bed at the time, and thought it a great idea. When I left, I presented the gown to her, to hang up in her room, to look up at and see herself walking the hallways. She called me later to tell me that that night she had worn it and walked for the first time in several days. I felt wonderful…me and my stitched up self.

    Not sure why I needed to tell you that little story, but I guess it just goes to show that lovely lives unfold and grow…surgeries and all!

    Hugs to you.

    • Amrita Grace says:

      Thank you for that beautiful story, Edith. I so love that you were there for the “beloveds reuniting” experience that Apollo and I has when we first met in this life. I’ll never forget that ride to the PHX airport with you and how he and I sat in yab yum on the airport floor with people streaming around us. It was seven months after that parting before we were together again physically.

      I so agree about limitations and surrendering to the loving arms and hearts around me. My mother-in-law presented me with a beautiful, soft “prayer shawl” that she started working on as soon as she knew I would be coming to MN, and finished tonight as Apollo and I were out with my dad. I’m so ready, and so grateful.

      So much love to you!

    • Amrita Grace says:

      Edith, I thought of you many times in the hospital, especially when I walked the hallways and every time I wear my prayer shawl. xo

  5. Edith says:

    Can you e mail your mailing address, Amrita? I would like to send you something.

  6. Anne says:

    Amrita – thank you for sharing your words of strength, determination, optimism.My thoughts, love and prayers are with you today as you go through this part of your journey. Hugs and love to you and Apollo, Anne

  7. Sending heart waves of loving, healing energy to you dear Amrita! I am in deep admiration of your courage around sharing your journey. You benefit us all when you share openly in this way. Much love, Jony

  8. Melinda Anderson says:

    I am holding your intentions in my heart and in the light! You are held in the arms of angels and grace through this journey. Love to you, dear one, and much gratitude to you for continuing to share your love, light and wisdom with others through the challenges of your life. And thank you for being open to receiving support and love from others. You are beautiful!

  9. Dianne Corston says:

    Amazing Grace. Wanted to jump right through the screen and give you a big hug. Your graciousness through this whole mystery adventure is such a testimony to who you are and of the courage, strength and determination you have fine tuned along all previous journeys. Yes…to allowing yourself to receive, to be taken care of. Allowing a delicious sigh of letting go and gently settling yourself into the love and nurture of those around you. Nothing more for you to do or be. Just You. And Grace. ♥

  10. I declare with you all that you intend and all that you are grateful for.
    Goddess bless you and your care givers. I love you, diane

  11. In addition to my previous reply, I am reminded of how you responded to me everyday (for 10 days) in Maui when I was in need and couldn’t assist myself you climbed stairs and brought me ice packs. I only remind you because you are intending to use your R and R to ask for help and allow others to respond to you. Please know how much others receive when we give to YOU. I will never forget how you gave to me. Let others do that for you as well. I thank you and them in advance. XXXX

    • Amrita Grace says:

      Ah yes, thank you for reminding me of the power of receiving. It’s such a practice, isn’t it? I’m grateful that there are so many who desire to assist me, and I shall graciously receive what is offered. Much love to you Diane!

  12. Suzan Steinberg says:

    Dear Amrita,When I think of all the women I know going on with there wonderful lives after breast cancer,you too will be joining them with a bright and healthy future.As always thinking of you,Suzan and Lee

  13. kyla huckerby says:

    Dearest Amrita many blessing for you on your journey to the other side. I am sending you my double fire signs to protect you 🙂 Arteo

  14. Kathi (from Ecko) says:

    Awwwhhhh my most beautiful Amrita, I left a message for you on FB before I came here to watch your video. I must say that I am honored to hear your message. I will listent to the previous videos shortly, I truly believe that this experience in your life will result in positve and wonderful changes in your own awareness and acceptance. As I said in my previous FB message I have endured 5 breast surgeries. There is a purpose as you well know my dear. A challenge such as this is always a blessing. I hear your intentions and I support you in every way. Your strength and faith is key here. Of course you know that too. As one who has endured this challenge…I have no doubt you will continue to shine so brightly and your life will be enhanced as you experience a physical loss of part of you sexuality or identity…the truth is…the beauty of the woman you are and all you offer in service to mankind will be enhanced in miraculous ways. I love you Amrita! <3

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