#8 On the Other Side of Surgery

Two days out of surgery and still in the hospital, Amrita talks about the surgery and reconstruction and how she is recovering as well as the quality of care she has received.

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6 Responses to #8 On the Other Side of Surgery

  1. Lisa Cary says:

    Dearest Amrita,
    I am holding you in the space of Love and Wholeness while you continue your healing journey. I’m so grateful to hear that your surgery went well. Let yourself bask in light of wellness with each new day.
    Love to you,

  2. Alana Rae says:

    Wow, I love the sparkle in your eyes 🙂 You look and sound great!!! I am so glad you are doing well XOXO!

    Love Alana

  3. Melinda Anderson says:

    I feel so happy to hear you are on the other side of your surgery and am impressed with how well you are considering all you’ve been through. Sending you lots of love and light for continued healing.

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