Cancer Free, One Year Later

The Benefits of Letting Go

May 29, 2014 is the one year anniversary of my double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, and I can’t help but notice how fast the year has gone by. When I received my diagnosis, I let go of my entire career, the one I had been building for years, with relief and gratitude. Relief because that career really wasn’t working and never really had. Gratitude for a clean slate, a new beginning.

I decided to maintain my website, blog, and email list, not knowing what the future might hold or how those assets might serve me in the future. Over the past year, I kept blogging and sending out newsletters and occasionally touching up my mostly static website with no clues about what might be next for me.

So What IS Next?

A year later, I still don’t know what’s next, if indeed there is a “next.” When my website recently came up for annual renewal, I questioned why I’m maintaining a blog and a website when I’m not actually selling anything… why I have business expenses without any related income. I even considered closing my expensive, outdated website down for good.

Luckily, I got a powerful reminder of why I want to keep in touch with my list and maintain a web presence. For so many years, I was driven by the desire to make a difference in the lives of women… and with the cancer diagnosis, it all came tumbling down. I see now that I CAN make that difference, and I’m willing to maintain my online presence until I have clarity about exactly how I will do that.

A New Website, Really? Why?

So what about that website renewal? I decided it was time for an update, and my tech-savvy beloved suggested building a new Reclaiming Aphrodite WordPress site and integrating my formerly separate blog into it. With his help, support, and tech knowledge, I created a brand-new, beautiful WordPress site that I am very proud of.

So What Are You Selling?

As of this writing, I’m still not selling anything or offering any services… but I know I enjoyed the creative process of building my piece-of-art website and I still believe in what I’m providing. So yes, I’ll continue offering my blogs and occasionally promote really high-quality programs that I believe in while keeping in touch with my small but beautiful community of people who’ve received benefit from my book and/or my former workshops.

I continue to “just be” in the cauldron of the unknown, and I’ve actually gotten pretty comfortable there. Who woulda thought? Certainly not me, if you’d asked me a year ago!

It seems I keep counting the blessings of cancer.

Love & blessings, Amrita



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8 Responses to Cancer Free, One Year Later

  1. Jody Bowman says:

    Yes, I hear you on checking in on what is next and what is important. I enjoy reading your messages. Thank you and much support and love, -Jody

  2. You create more beauty with everything you touch, Amrita. I love playing in this
    sand box of creativity with you!!!

    • Amrita says:

      I love creating beauty… it feels like that’s what lights me up these days. And I love creating beauty with and for you, Caroline!

  3. Christina says:

    It’s a gift to come home and remember your pre birth intention. So now the the work begins. I have also recently excepted my path here on earth, how I manifest my beingness and celebrate others in their choices of expression. This has been a long struggle how I should be instead being in alignment with who I am!
    Thanks for sharing your C change.

  4. Suzan Steinberg says:

    Hi There Amrita, Suzan Steinberg here, It has been quite a long time since I have seen your mail come through my mail. Not so sure why? But,what a pleasure to read all is well. I see a very bright future for you.Suzan and Lee

    • Amrita says:

      Hi Suzan… I do show you subscribed and I will check with you via email regarding possible issues. The last email I sent was 5/29. Blessings!

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