The Egg Hatches

Golden-egg.jpgAfter many months in the cauldron of the unknown, much has been revealed these past few weeks.

It feels like I finally landed on my true purpose, and I’m tingling from my head to my toes. For a while there, I poured my passion into helping authors and others who have a unique message to share. I felt really inspired and so much great content emerged from me… and I still have excitement (and blogs and a new product, coming soon) for this niche.

However, I have a very unique way of looking at and being with breast cancer, and I’ve been called to share it… with a large audience and without further ado!

So begins creation of the Breast Cancer Mystery School, of which I’ve been speaking since my diagnosis in March 2013. I’m ready to enter the limelight, to live in abundance, and to practice the principles I learned from my own Breast Cancer Mystery School journey:

♥  If it’s not fun, I’m not interested.
♥  If I hit a wall, I back away instead of ramming it down.
♥  Life and work weave together with ease and grace and enjoyment.
♥  I deserve and receive enormous financial abundance.
♥  Every day, I nurture my connection with Source.
♥  I am an immense contribution.
♥  I am a living example of my own THRIVE philosophy:


I’m starting a movement. It’s called THRIVE. And I’m going to ROCK it!

Love & blessings, Amrita


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