A Life-Changing Invitation

Invitations are quite meaningful to me, and I feel them on multiple levels. I can always tell if they are weak or strong, obligatory or sincere. But I’ve never experienced such a powerful invitation with so many positive consequences as the one I received from my Priestess sister, Anyaa McAndrew, in early October of 2015.

Because of her simple invitation, I have finally found my post-cancer calling, which I’ve been casting about for over the past 2+years. Additionally, I’ve found my new home, and my Beloved and I left Maui (after almost a decade for me) to move to the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina, from where this powerful invitation was issued. We’ve been magnetized to the Isis Cove Retreat Community, where we’ve purchased a home near the community. I’ve found my work, my home, and my tribe, and the invitation keeps reverberating way beyond the original inquiry.

The Goddess has threw every door open and accelerated every process to get us there as quickly as possible. We left on a business trip in early November 2015 without knowing this would be happening, and came home with an offer on a house and less than 30 days to move from our long-time home on Maui to the mainland.

I’m filled with gratitude to be “in the flow” of the universe, and I credit many of these blessings to my willingness to go all the way through the darkest of depths over the past year, to be present with the most intense and scary personal process of my life (100 times harder than breast cancer!), and my ability to clear away the blocks that were keeping me from moving forward. As I came out the other end of my Dark Night of the Soul (DNS), I rededicated myself as a priestess and surrendered to the will of the Divine. And the abundance and blessings began to pour forth.

If you are terrified of cancer, even if you don’t have it, Dancing with Cancer is for you. If you are dealing with cancer of any kind, this work is a opportunity to reclaim your inner guidance, inner strength, inner healing, and inner peace.

Please share this information with women who you feel would benefit from it. Thank you!

With love and blessings, Amrita


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7 Responses to A Life-Changing Invitation

  1. AWESOME! So glad you found your post cancer path. Good luck. Beautiful new site also.

    • Amrita Grace says:

      THANK YOU, Rachel! I so appreciate your comments as well as your fabulous recipes you post on your website. Blessings to you, Amrita

  2. Cindy Sabol says:

    Oh my Goddess, am I relieved that you rededicated your life career path to Her!!! You are just MEANT to do this kind of work. So Mode It Be. ❤️?

    • Amrita Grace says:

      Well, Mama Maui had other plans for me… for almost a decade. I’m happy to have come full circle back to my Priestess path. Blessed Be!

  3. Emma Johnson says:

    Darling. Would to be apart of this journey. Blessings.

  4. Colleen says:

    How wonderfully amazing your path has been, Amrita! Women (and maybe eventually men) will be blessed by your finding this path. Blessings and much luck!

  5. Sage Kramer says:

    Congratulations on your new home and your new purpose.
    I’m very happy for you and Apollo.

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